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Outstanding offer
for companies

Scrum Group offers closed training for companies tailored to individual needs. Please contact us ( or tel. 731 777 500) to determine the details.

    1. Scrum Group fucuses on relations Scrum Group fucuses and close cooperation with companies in area of Scrum training for employees. Oustanding offer for companies. Our aim is to help workers gain needed in market skills, which help pompanies to be more competetive.
    2. Each employee of the company can re-take part in the training. It is important to use the newly acquired knowledge and skills. It is also important again after some time recall or repetition of new patterns. ScrumGroup offers employees in addition to the materials and support the re-take in training for free.
    3. Employees turnover is a topic that relates to a greater or lesser extent each company. Training is an investment for companies. Some of the staff after gaining new competencies changing company. Then the budget spent on employee training, could be seen as wrong invested. In this case, we do not leave the employer alone.
      We offer companies the ability to send for free training a new employee in place of the one who left the company.